CodingEverything #

A curious endeavor to catalogue and document the wealth of programming knowledge available on the internet and a humble attempt to contribute to it.

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Project Setup #

  1. Install Node.js & NPM

  2. Run npm install in the project directory to install local dependencies

  3. Install eleventy globally

    npm i @11ty/eleventy -g
    npm i rimraf -g
    npm i cross-env -g
  4. Run npm run serve to run a local dev environment

  5. Access dev copy of the site at localhost:8080

NPM Scripts #

npm run build       # builds site for production
npm run serve       # builds site + serves `_site` directory
npm run clean       # deletes `_site` directory
npm run clear-cache # deletes twitter cache
npm run favicon     # generates favicon assets from svg

Tag Guidelines #

Tags should be

Style Guide #

Use Markdown Lint #

<!-- markdownlint-disable MD026 -->
## We're back baby!
<!-- markdownlint-restore -->

Use CSpell #

<!-- spellchecker: disable -->
**S**uccess **I**nstinct **G**rowth **N**eeds
<!-- spellchecker: enable -->

Todo #